From a tool to an economy

A Web3 marketplace that connects musicians and fans

Endlesss levels up music creation, discovery and collection into a game-like social event, transforming music collectibles from static files to an invitation to engage.

Laptop showing early prototype screen of music collectibles

4.1Collective experience

Endlesss is more than a production tool, it’s a collective experience. While today’s media production tools prioritise dense capability and complex production processes, we believe the tools of the future will be simple, atomic and inherently social. This is why we concentrated on building a free-flowing experience for live creation, collaboration, and performance.

The tool we made was born out of our experience with live music performance. We’re bringing together all the aspects that make that collective experience special. Endlesss is a place to hang out, discover music, collect, curate and meet people. These patterns of behaviour are already emerging in our community. Now we’re building a creative economy to amplify them.

4.2Collecting on Endlesss

Close up screenshot of a chat window

Collecting should be a rich experience, it is an act of connection between musician and fan. With real time creation and collection, Endlesss takes this a step further than any other platform, letting collectors listen, chat and instantly purchase while musicians do their thing.

1.3Curating mixtapes

Screenshot of an early mixtapes prototype, showing the ability to arrange stems from Endlesss riffs

It doesn’t end with the ‘collect’ button, the creative process continues with curation. Once you’ve collected a Rifff you can use our online editor to create unique arrangements from the parts within it, and add them to curated mixtapes on your profile.

A collector on Endlesss can increase the value of the Rifffs they own through their own popularity and skill as a curator.

1.4The secondary market

Early prototype screen showing a user profile

Of course, Rifffs can be sold on too. The Endlesss secondary market will give collectors the opportunity to browse for gems, make offers, create auctions and more to trade their way to the perfect collection.

1.5Community rewards

The Endlesss economy goes beyond trading collectibles. Our curation token $ESSS puts ownership and control of the Endlesss ecosystem where it should be - in the hands of the community. Ecosystem participants earn tokens through creating and collecting music, building tools and infrastructure and helping the ecosystem grow. Stake your $ESSS to jams and people to promote them in a human-powered answer to ‘the algorithm’.