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The story behind the beatmaking arcade machine

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We've been developing the world's first beatmaking Arcade Machine over the last year

NBA basketball player Baron Davis collected the first one.

We customised it with bespoke graphics and beatmaking missions crafted from stems by his collaborators.

We delivered it to his compound in LA for his Halloween party.

It lit the place up.

The journey so far

The Platform

Inspired to transform music into a social activity, we built a powerful social music creation platform that connects a growing community of creators. Our mission is to connect the world through musical creativity.

Player 1

One day multi-talented Endlesss community member NJ Lang posted in our Discord server "What if Endlesss was an arcade machine". Everyone loved the idea. No one thought it would happen. Then he actually went and built it.

The World Premiere

NJ's prototype was too good to keep to ourselves, so we took it to NFT.NYC. We couldn't keep up with the demand for it at events. We quickly learned that beatmaking arcade machines have a magnetic effect in any space.

Production Prototype

After the wild success of New York, the Endlesss team dug deep to build a production prototype. We debuted it at NEARcon in Lisbon. It blew people's minds, including NBA legend Baron Davis who became the first collector.

The Next Level

We're turning everything we learned on this journey into the Endlesss Beat Machine. A life-sized fusion of unique hardware and software that's as fun as it is powerful.

We're dropping 25 launch edition Beat Machines on 23 / 02 / 23

See the final product

Music X Play

Featuring high quality arcade standard controls, an XY pad, a crisp touchscreen and powerful sound system — use with built in Endlesss sounds, VSTs, or plug in your own hardware and instruments.

Venues & Spaces

Give your space a unique and unforgettable edge with a stunning audiovisual centrepiece that activates musical talent and unleashes your guests’ inner music-maker.

“Arcade mode” is event-ready, packed with beat-making missions that anyone can enjoy through amplified sound or headsets. Keep it in public mode to obliterate friction between your guests and their inspiration or enable smartphone account creation so your guests get to take away the magic they create at your event.


Put the ultimate social creation tool at the heart of your recording studio to make it the place for talent to come together and exchange ideas.

With smartphone login, anyone can step up to an Endlesss arcade machine and scan its unique qr code to login and create freely, knowing what they do will be locked to their account and saved to pick up later in the studio or on their smartphone.

Whether you’re jamming on an arcade machine, a laptop or a smartphone, your Endlesss account is your creative journal and your passport to a global community of music-makers.


Stand up and escape the rabbit-hole of your DAW for instant embodied inspiration with an always-on, larger-than-life inspiration tool for your home studio.

Find and connect to collaborators anywhere in the world. Step into a jam and instantly drop the results back into your DAW.


  • Durable and tough casing with custom vinyl graphics
  • High-resolution digital marquee screen with custom animations
  • 24” touchscreen
  • Arcade buttons
  • Arcade joystick
  • 5” touch pad
  • XY controller
  • High-quality integrated speakers
  • 2x TRS jack audio outputs
  • Neutrik XLR / Jack instrument input
  • 2x USB C ports
  • Lifetime over-the-air updates
  • Low-latency audio input and output


What are the main features of the Endlesss Arcade?

The Arcade comes with a crisp touchscreen and powerful sound system, alongside a vast library of built-in sounds. The arcade can also be used with any software, hardware, or acoustic instrument.

Can I try out the Arcade before buying one?

Absolutely! We have one currently sitting in HQ in London for you to come and get your hands on before committing to making a purchase. If you aren’t local, we can set up a demo with you and make sure all of your questions are answered before you make the decision.

How is the Arcade different from similar products on the market?

We aren’t aware of any other commercially available music-making arcade machines out there. This is your chance to be one of the first owners of the first ever music-making arcade machine.

What is the estimated time process between purchase and delivery?

We aim to deliver our Arcades to customers within three months of your completed purchase. Once purchased, we immediately get to work on building, packaging and shipping the unit. We will also send you tracking information so that you can keep an eye on the delivery process.

Is there a warranty or return policy for the Arcade?

We offer a 2 year warranty on our Arcades.

Are there any special instructions for using or maintaining the Arcade?

When you register your interest, you can book in a call with the team to discuss technical use of the Arcade and any associated maintenance activity to keep your unit in tiptop condition.

Are there any discounts or promotions currently available for the Arcade?

We are only selling a limited number of 25 Arcades at the moment. Each unit will be hand built and labelled with its unique serial number from 1 to 25

Can the product be customised or personalised?

The 25 launch edition Endlesss arcade machines are fully-functional and feature complete, but if you want us to add custom artwork, graphics or sounds we’re happy to work with you to customise your unit. Get in touch with us to discuss options and pricing.

See the final product

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Launch Edition



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Secure one of 25 First Edition Endlesss Arcades, with artwork and graphics from a leading digital artist and soundpacks from renowned sound designers and producers.

  • + Upgrade Sound System $999
  • + Mobility pack $1499


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Commission your very own 1/1 Endlesss Arcade

We will create a unique collection piece based on your specification from audio and visuals supplied by you or originated by us.

  • Custom skin
  • Custom graphics
  • Custom sounds
  • Custom missions
  • Includes mobility pack

Ships 1 month after final specs agreed and payment is received

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Work with us to create a truly unique brand activation or a limited run of high-end products for your most devoted customers or fans.

We’re here to be your creative technologist, strategist or wholesaler for an unforgettable experience customised to your needs.

  • Live beat battle and events
  • Lobby / tradeshow experiences
  • Audience interactivity
  • Social content centrepiece
  • Customer onboarding with QR codes and account sharing