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A powerful collaborative music creation app

Endlesss transforms musical creativity from a monolithic, solo production process to an ever-evolving series of conversational social interactions.

Endlesss iOS app and Desktop app running on device screens

1.1Creating Music with Endlesss

Building on years of experience in the industry, Endlesss was created as both an instrument and a live production engine, allowing musicians to build tracks live without disrupting their flow. Simply select your input, play, and loop. Let’s break that down:

Beat Pads from the Endlessss app

Playing music

Use the powerful set of built in tools, with simple touch pad input (mappable to external controllers), connect your DAW, or simply plug in an instrument.

Retrospective looping module from Endlesss app

Retrospective Looping

Endlesss lets you forget about ‘the perfect take’, or the stress of constantly adjusting channels and settings. Just play along, and when something feels good you can add it to the mix retrospectively.

Effects XY controller from Endlesss app


You can produce in real time within Endlesss, adding effects on the fly — while keeping every single thing you record, so you can revisit it any time, and even pull the stems out to keep developing in any DAW.

1.2Collaborating in real time

Endlesss is not just a tool, it’s a place. Sure you can record alone, but you can also drop into one of the many public jams at any time to play with great musicians — or create a private one with your band.

Screenshot of faders from Endlesss app

1.3A complete history of everything you make

Every time a new loop is added, it creates a ‘rifff’, which we visualise with our trademark audio ‘splat’ image. Every rifff is stored in the cloud, and you can browse back through them indefinitely, on any device. Jam on your phone, then listen back on your desktop later, find the golden rifffs and keep working on them.

Rifff history screenshot from Endlesss app

1.4Browsing, forking and remixing

Rifffs you love can be shared to our social feed, where other people can pick them up and run with them, adding and remixing — and the previous contributor history is all stored.

Screenshot of browsing riffs in Endlesss app

1.5A vibrant and deeply engaged community

From our active discord server, to twitch streams, hangouts and regular events, the Endlesss world extends far outside of the product itself. As we move out of the pandemic, you can bet there’ll be plenty of real life events too...

Screenshot of a live stream video feed and chat on Twitch during an Endlesss event