Live multiplayer music creation and collection, powered by Web3

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Musicians are using our collaborative tool to create new music, live, right now.

Here's where Endlesss is today, where we’re going, and why...

We host Over 28,000 ‘Jams’ — our connected live music sessions

OUR users have recorded Over 5 million ‘Rifffs’ — UNIQUE LOOPED SAMPLES

We’ve registered more than 140,000 accounts

More than 1500 people have created 10+ rifffs in the last 30 days

WE have over 4000 organic, long-term discord community members

There are around 5 million eyeballs on endlesss across various social channels

Our Roadmap

Everyone loves Endlesss

Endlesss isn't just another music tool, it's a completely different mindset for how music gets made. As someone who usually takes a very structured approach, Endlesss lets me work faster, more fluidly and intuitively — and work with other people in a totally new way. It's deeply freeing and human.

Christian Erickson (Endlesss User)

My 8 year old was having tons of fun playing with Endlesss earlier and it just makes me so happy that the interface is simple enough for her to grab and go.  She’s even figured the sampler out now!

Failsafe (Endlesss User)
App store rating 4.7 out of 5 stars
Flux Pavillion
Imogen Heap
Imogen Heap
Joey Santiago
Joey Santiago / The PiXies
Hannibal Buress
Hannibal Buress
Kevin Drew
Kevin Drew / Broken Social Scene
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Why Endlesss?

Collective Creativity

Before the industrial revolution, culture was something we came together to create, not a product we consumed alone.

The value of collective creativity is far greater than any products it leads to. Collective creativity is a journey we take with our fellow humans that builds relationships, shared history and identity. It’s the relevance of those journeys that gives value to any products which emerge.

The media industry never captured this value, instead creating vast networks to distribute simple, static, mass-manufacturable products.

Web3 makes it possible to trace and attribute the value of collective creative journeys as they emerge.

Get ready for the launch

Early prototype screen showing a user profile

Our music creation product is already loved by many. Our marketplace will take this to the next level.

We’re partnering with NEAR protocol to build a consumer-friendly experience and bring a new cohort into Web3.

We’ll be working with a number of high profile partners to amplify the launch of our marketplace.

We're opening up the Endlesss infrastructure stack as an open protocol for collaborative creativity in music and beyond.

The Team

Endlesss Ltd
The tool-makers
Endlesss Foundation
The protocol-builders
Endlesss Community
The culture-makers
Tim Exile
Aftab Hussein
Head of Product
Ragnar Hrafnkelsson
Full Stack Engineer
Matt Duncan
Full Stack Engineer
Adam Stark
Full Stack Engineer
Jaimen Laitha
Back-end Engineer
Joshua Fry
Head of Design
Jack Howard
Social Media & Content Producer
Community Manager
Community Engagement
Elling Lien
Community Growth Coordinator
William Sharkey
Developer Community Coordinator
Yessin Schiegg
Founder Council Member
Raihan Anwar
Cliff Fluet
Imogen Heap