Why it’s time to embrace web3

In 2022 music x Web3 is set to blow up

In Web3 the media we own is the backbone of our agent-owned identity and how we show up in our communities. Let’s call it ‘relational media’. Music is already playing a huge part in this revolution.

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All the major platforms saw a significant increase in music NFT sales during 2021.

2.1Social Creativity is destined for Web3

Flywheel diagram, Four segments showing Community Ownership, Loyalty, Engagement, and Collaborative Creativity, the latter labelled as 'completing the web 3 flywheel'

2021’s NFT boom proved the appetite for relational media. But the problem of how we create this media in the final piece of the puzzle remains to be solved.

Where industrial media required complex production tools, relational media requires simple, atomic tools that keep us in constant contact with others as we co-create our identities and build community.

Endlesss is uniquely placed as a fully-operational collaborative creation tool to harness this potential and be one of the first fully fledged on chain creation DApps.

2.2Major musicians are discovering NFTs

Music NFT drops have proved that the value of a million unique things is orders of magnitude greater than a million of the same thing.

But the conversation still returns to resurrecting outmoded short-run release models, because the creation process and format is still the same.

The world is moving on. Now is the time to launch a platform that delivers on all the promises of Web3 and relational media.

2.3Dedicated music DApps are taking off

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There is a hunger for musical experiences on the blockchain. The visual world has so far dominated, but it needs a soundtrack. Various platforms are popping up and have been well received.

Despite this, it still feels as though nobody has found the killer approach that differentiates NFT music and realises its potential to transform how fans engage with artists.

2.4Web3 enables new possibilities

Group jams on Endlesss are powerful already, but there is no easy way to monetise that creative output. We believe the music our community is making has huge value. We want to make it easy for creators to realise this value through trading digital collectibles and earning from our token economy, so that they can simply ‘Jam to Earn’.

2.5On chain publishing is good for musicians

Making the journey from creativity to revenue this seamless cannot be underestimated. As play-to-earn games have shown, these intrinsically rewarding experiences incentivise and retain users. The additional power of Endlesss is that the outcomes are not just a time sink — they are creatively fulfilling and culturally valuable.

Proper rewards for musicians will enable them to spend more time on music. In this way, we hope to support a generation of platform native talent.

2.6Endlesss is now free to use

Screenshot of the Endlesss app iOS store listing

We’ve made our creative tool a free-to-use public good while giving our users the choice to monetise their creativity through the marketplace. Anyone with a compatible device can continue to use Endlesss as they did before and benefit from all the new social features that come with this transformation.

Funding our ongoing operations with a share of marketplace revenue means we no longer need to charge subscription fees for our software, removing the barrier to entry from a sophisticated music creation tool.