From a company to an ecosystem

The $ESSS curation token, and a future beyond music

We’re building a full-stack, fully-attributed collaborative creative ecosystem which is free to use and where all participants share in any value realised.

5.1$ESSS and the Endlesss community

The beating heart of Endlesss is the community that has formed around the product we’ve built. The $ESSS token will empower holders to curate the Endlesss ecosystem and vote on proposals for community grant schemes. Community members can also earn $ESSS through their activity in the ecosystem.

We believe it’s a social and economic imperative to give those who add value to our digital ecosystems ownership and sovereignty over what they create.


Buy $ESSS to gain influence in the ecosystem or contribute to it and get rewarded in $ESSS for your efforts


Use your $ESSS to support and promote your favourite people and jams, build your reputation and get rewarded by those you back


A community $ESSS fund will support the next generation of digital creators and toolmakers through grants. Hold $ESSS to have your say in which projects get funded.

5.2Token Distibution

$ESSS will initially be distributed to parties that have brought Endlesss to where we are today: early investors, supporters who bought licenses for the software, those who have been the most active on the platform and the core team. A portion will also be made available for sale.

5.3The Ecosystem

In the Endlesss ecosystem, revenue is generated through the sales of digital collectibles represented by non-fungible tokens of works created within the Endlesss ecosystem by the Endlesss community. Revenue from these NFTs is split between the creators of the work, the makers of the tools they use and the Endlesss DAO.

Diagram showing how funds from collectibles are redistributed to the community, toolmakers and creators

5.4Working Groups

Autonomous community working groups will take on key functions of the ecosystem, each with their own $ESSS budget which they can decide how to allocate to achieve the goals.

Diagram showing the focuses of different community working groups: The 4 groups are Community growth, Community Product, Community Developers and Community Engagement. The roles are to Educate and nurture creators; Develop tools, protocols and standards; Bring new developers into the ecosystem; Promote awareness of Endlesss amongst creators; and to Promote well-being and harmony in the Endlesss community

These working groups are already in place and making progress today, each led by a community coordinator appointed by the Foundation for 'season 1', H1 2022. In future seasons, the community will be encouraged to appoint their own coordinators as leaders.

5.5Relationship between Endlesss Ltd and the Endlesss Foundation

As we transition to an open-source community-owned ecosystem, the Endlesss Foundation will contract Endlesss Ltd to:

  • Carry out foundational work on building the Endlesss protocol
  • Carry out marketing functions on behalf of the Endlesss Foundation
  • Carry out community management functions on behalf of the Endlesss Foundation
  • Build and launch the first keystone products such as the marketplace and the Endlesss API

Additionally, the Endlesss Foundation will purchase a perpetual license from Endlesss Ltd to:

  • Use the Endlesss brand and its marketing and social media channels
  • Use existing technology created by Endlesss Ltd in the development of the Endlesss protocol

As the ecosystem reaches maturity, Endlesss Ltd will become one amongst many other toolmakers in the ecosystem. Toolmakers will generate revenue from royalty splits where value is realised from works created using a toolmaker’s tool.

Diagram showing how Endlesss Ltd will co-exist with Endlesss DAO

5.6A future beyond music

Having witnessed the magic that happens when people come together to collaborate freely, effortlessly and conversationally on Endlesss, we believe conversational collaborative creativity should not be limited to music but expanded to any medium that the community wishes to build tools to create.

Our focus will be on creating open protocols for creation and jamming, so that other services can build on top of the Endlesss infrastructure, and we can create new opportunities for collective creativity, together.