From jamming to publishing: Creating Collectibles

Real time creation of collectibles for musicians

The live Endlesss marketplace allows music to be collected in real time as it’s made, multiplying the attraction of multi-edition generative drops by the social dynamics of a Twitch stream.

Why collectibles?

The creator economy is broken.

Privately owned companies have built vast attention economies on the global connectivity of the internet, extracting value from billions of users and delivering that value to a tiny oligarchy of shareholders.

  • Creator revenue has been decimated
  • Creators must build huge audiences to make a living
  • Creators have to compete harder and harder for attention to build their audience
  • Creators don’t own the relationship with their audiences

3.1A new way to monetise music

There will always be multiple paths for musicians and producers to make money, but the existing options are prohibitively long and complex. Here’s how Endlesss simplifies it:

Diagram showing how Endlesss makes the previously complicated journey with many steps to monetising music much simpler, with immediate monetisation through collectibles

3.2Creating collectibles with Endlesss

An example of multiple collectible cards

So far, creating a collectible and orchestrating its drop is an isolated, off-chain process that involves complex asset-creation tools, well-planned marketing campaigns and community-building. Our first Web3 product flies the flag for conversational creativity with a real time creative experience that can lead to value in seconds not weeks.

Musicians on Endlesss will be able to create a special type of jam, where all rifffs are instantly collectible the moment they are created.

3.3Bands as mini-DAOs – as easy to start and join as a group chat

Monetising a collaboration should be seamless. The blockchain makes that possible for musical collaboration.

To start creating collectible rifffs on Endlesss, musicians simply create a jam and invite collaborators. They decide how much each rifff sells for, how the revenue is split between collaborators and the royalties they will receive from secondary sales, remixes and usage.

Early mobile screen prototype of creating a jam and adding collaborators

3.4Jam to earn, playing live to your audience

Realtime experiences connect communities and build momentum. The live Endlesss minting experience offers a new way to engage and collect in real time.

Platforms like Twitter Spaces and Twitch have demonstrated the power of realtime audience engagement online, but creative music experiences are yet to have their moment.

Endlesss is already seeing creators host Twitch channels, chatting with viewers and inviting them to join their jam. We're bringing this experience under our own roof, with our own social and live chat features.